Our son has now been with Lynne & Andy for 15 months. We are so happy with the setting, he has learnt so much and is constantly stimulated and learning new things on a daily basis.

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We are extremely happy with the care our daughter has received and the great progress she has made. The home is always clean & welcoming and she has great fun playing with the activities provided. She always comes home with crafts, cards, baked goods & is exhausted from plenty of outdoor activities. They encourage good behaviour and kindness, these attributes are important to us at home.

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We would like to thank the both of you for all that you have done for our daughter, for the love, care, support and teaching that you have offered.

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My two daughters have been attending Lynne & Andy's for 9 years and 6 years respectfully, they were both 5 months old at the time of starting and they have been happy at the setting from the start as i have been to. Both Lynne & Andy spent lots of time with them, teaching & educating them through crafts and play. 

I have seen them develop and learn in addition to school and home through the excellent attention to detail they pay to them both. There is discipline & order to both of my girls who always look forward to going to the setting.

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